• Meg McCall

The 2019 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Are In!

As a small business owner, you put your heart and soul into what you do. And though you hear customer anecdotes from time to time, you don’t really understand how your products are being received and whether they’re successfully meeting the needs of customers until you ask some pointed questions and collect responses.

That’s why, for two consecutive years now, we’ve been asking every single Angle Oar customer to participate in a year-end customer satisfaction feedback survey. We want to know the good, the bad and the indifferent!

This year, our response rate was 48%. The majority of respondents (92%) had purchased our Versa Paddle for sit-in kayaks; 17% had purchased a Gamut Paddle Holder for sit-in kayaks.

Here’s what we learned…

The Headline Results

Angle Oar Customer Satisfaction Chart
  • 100% of customers were either Extremely Satisfied (67%) or Somewhat Satisfied (33%) with the Overall Quality

  • 100% were Extremely Satisfied with the Packaging

  • 100% were Extremely (75%) or Somewhat Satisfied (25%) with the Frequency of Communication from Angle Oar

  • 92% were Extremely (75%) or Somewhat Satisfied (17%) with the Performance/Functionality

  • 88% were Extremely (77%) or Somewhat Satisfied (11%) with the Price/Value

  • 85% were Extremely Satisfied with the Responsiveness of Angle Oar on Shipping or Product Questions

  • 82% were Extremely (55%) or Somewhat Satisfied (27%) with the Fit of the Mount

Customer Profile

Who Uses Angle Oar

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes – literally. Many of them participate in adaptive paddling programs (e.g., veterans groups, non-profits, parks and rec), some are individual consumers, and still others are engaged in some form of recreational therapy.

One important piece of feedback from individuals: if they have just one functioning upper body extremity, they want to be sure to preserve that function. Paddling with a straight paddle in a support mount still requires a large range of motion which can compromise shoulders; Versa in the angled position greatly decreases that range of motion, making it ideal for these paddlers.

Reasons for Trying Angle Oar’s Adaptive Paddling Products

Kayaking with Disabilities

As each new year goes by, we're learning more about who's using our adaptive equipment and what conditions or scenarios prompted them to try it. The profiles of our users vary, but one theme remains throughout: people either want to paddle independently or they used to kayak and want to get back to it.

Adaptive paddling programs continue to be a large segment of our clientele, but increasingly, rehabilitation hospitals, physical therapists and parks are looking to our adaptive equipment.

What Customers Like Best

These were the most frequently-cited reasons people said they liked Versa and Gamut:

  • The ability to kayak independently

  • The ability to kayak once again

  • Ease of use

  • Adaptability for different people

Critical Feedback

Of course we always want to know if anything is not working as expected. Here are some of the things customers didn’t like or wished could be different:

  • Mount fit (mount doesn’t fit narrow cockpits, mount doesn’t work with a poke boat)

  • Paddling (it’s a very controlled stroke pattern, learning a new paddling motion)

  • Nothing (25% of responses said they had no suggestions for improvements)

  • Paddle dislodging from mount mid-paddle

  • Needed a replacement part

Key Take-Aways

As stated earlier, one of the key things we learned in this year’s survey (and from anecdotal comments throughout the year) is that people who have use of just one limb – whether due to paralysis or absence of a limb – want to preserve their remaining shoulder function on the functioning side. They don’t want to engage in any activity that will compromise that function – for example, movements that require a large range of motion. These particular customers gravitate to the Versa Paddle in its downward angled position because it requires a much smaller range of motion than simply using a straight paddle in a support mount.

We’re also very proud that people recognize our personalized customer service. We are a small, family-owned business, and that means we have the ability (and the desire) to talk with potential customers over the phone for as long as it takes to learn their needs, understand what kayaks they have, and brainstorm solutions when needed. If we don’t think our mounts will fit a particular kayak, or serve the needs of a particular paddler, we say so and/or we point them to other products that can.

We also recognize that sometimes we make mistakes. Throughout 2019, for instance, we were in the process of replacing a key piece of our system – the thumb pin in the angled component. We thought we had rectified the problem and sent out a few paddles that used the old pin only to find out it still wasn't working properly. We did our best to immediately (and at our expense) send out the replacement piece. We thank those handful of customers for their kind understanding in that situation.

In the end, it’s the following types of comments that fuel our desire to continuously improve. Thank you to all our customers who completed this year’s feedback survey.


Keep up the great work. We will miss Jim.

We appreciate what you are doing, and we are impressed with your customer support.

Customer service has been excellent!!! Thanks for spending so much time discussing our needs and possible solutions.

I can kayak independently!

It made it so I could use a kayak again.