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  • Meg McCall

Installing Adaptive Kayaking Equipment

This is the fourth in a seven part blog series describing the Juballa family's experience in getting a fully adapted kayak for their young adult son, Raymond. Go to the end of this post to see other articles in the series.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Juballa family are real go-getters, so when it came time to installing all of the adaptive products Raymond would be using, they were fully prepared! By coincidence, I happened to be staying about an hour away from the family, so I offered to spend the day with them getting everything set up.

On the day I arrived, Rosanne and Raymond had put the installation instructions for every single piece of equipment into a three-ring binder, separated by tabs. They had hauled all the gear onto the back deck where we would be doing the installation and laid out all the tools needed for the day. Armed with drills, wrenches, screw drivers and a few miscellaneous tools, we collectively set about tackling each product installation one by one. Ruby Juballa, Raymond’s slightly younger sister, took photos and video footage throughout the day to document the steps we took. You’ll see them throughout these posts.


First, we installed the kayak o