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Our Gamut paddle holder can be mounted to your sit-on-top or angling kayak using RAM Mounts plunger base mount with spline or our Plate Mount, and all components are included in the list price. Gamut gives you many of the same energy efficiencies as Versa, but you can use your own paddle! Your kayak must have a sufficiently-sized flat area between the paddler's legs, roughly 2 inches wide by 4 inches long (or larger for Plate Mount), so that the mount can be secured. If there is a cup holder or hatch cover in the way, you may or may not be able to attach the mount directly over them. The flat attachment area must also be approximately an arm’s length from your body.


Slip the Gamut into the groove in the clevis post and slide it onto the vertical post, and you're ready to go. The entire unit can be easily removed with only the base remaining, which you can use with your compatible camera mounts or rod holders. 

Gamut Paddle Holder for Sit-On-Top Kayaks

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