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By supporting the weight of your paddle, the Gamut Paddle Holder reduces stress on your shoulders, back and joints. This makes Gamut well-suited for paddlers with rotator cuff injuries, joint stiffness or other upper body physical limitations. Gamut comes with either a Plate Mount or a RAM plunger base and spline mount that attaches to many (but not all) sit-on-top kayaks in about 15 minutes and can be easily removed when not in use. The rotating head delivers a fluid, energy efficient motion and lets paddlers use their own favorite paddle. Anglers love it because they can simply "let go" and their paddle stays in place.


The system uses YakAttack's RotoGrips to hold your paddle (round or oval shaft) in place between two soft rollers. Paddles of at least 220 cm or more in length are recommended. Our customers include people who’ve had shoulder surgery, paddlers with one arm, kayak anglers, disabled military veterans and people with a host of injuries or disabilities (e.g., tendonitis, SCI, paralysis, cerebral palsy).


NOTE: If you have the choice of choosing the Gamut for either a sit-in kayak or a sit-on-top kayak, we recommend using Gamut sit-in kayaks whenever possible as it provides maximum stability. See our Mounts page for installation specifications.

Gamut Paddle Holder for Sit-On-Top Kayaks