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Our versatile kayak paddle, Versa for short, opens up new kayaking possibilities for people with shoulder or back injuries, grip limitations, health conditions such as asthma, or general ability. The secret is in our mounts, which support the weight of the paddle, reducing joint stress and creating a smaller range of motion. Using a gentle rotary movement of the forearms (much like pedaling a bicycle with your hands), you'll glide through the water with minimal effort. Versa can be used angled or straight, either on or off of the mount.


It mounts to sit-on-top kayaks with either a RAM Mount plunger base and spline or our Plate Mount, both of which is included in the purchase price.

To use Versa on your sit-on-top kayak, you must have a sufficiently-sized flat area between the paddler's legs and, ideally, access to the inside of the kayak (e.g. via a hatch) to use the rigging bullet. See our Mounts page for details.

Versa for Sit-on-Top Kayaks

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    Fiber glass shaft and blades. Paddle weight is approximately 39 ounces. Each shaft can be independently lengthened, with a total range from 205 to 240 cm.

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