Our versatile kayak paddle, Versa for short, was designed to keep kayakers as independent and active as possible and to get new paddlers out on the water for the first time! Versa is used by adaptive kayaking, veterans, parks and physical therapy programs, as well as accessible rental and retail outlets. It’s perfect for paddlers with injuries or disabilities, grip limitations, certain health conditions such as asthma, older adults, anglers, or recreational kayakers who want to paddle with less effort. Our customers include paddlers with one arm, children with autism, amputees, and people with quadriplegia, tendonitis, torn shoulder labrums and cerebral palsy.


The secret is our mounts, which support the weight of the paddle, reducing joint stress and creating a smaller range of motion. Using a gentle rotary movement of the forearms (much like pedaling a bicycle with your hands), you'll glide through the water with minimal effort.


The mount (either the RAM Mount plunger base and spline or our Plate Mount) attaches to many (but not all) sit-on-top kayaks in about 15 minutes and can be removed when not in use. With the Plate Mount, Versa can be moved forward or backward, helping you achieve the ideal distance between your torso and the paddle. Versa can also be used angled or straight, either on or off of the mount. With a gentle tug, Versa can be popped out of the mount and used like a traditional paddle. Each shaft can be shortened or lengthened from 205 to 240 cm to compensate for the wind or the width of the kayak. The shafts are also removable for easy storage.


NOTE: If you have the choice of choosing the Versa for either a sit-in kayak or a sit-on-top kayak, we recommend using Versa with sit-in kayaks whenever possible as it provides maximum stability. See our Mounts page for installation specifications.

Versa for Paddle Sit-on-Top Kayaks

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  • Details

    • Comes with Plate Mount or RAM Plunger & Spline Mount.
    • Fiber glass composite shaft and blades.
    • Shaft length ranges from 205 to 240 cm.
    • Paddle weight is approximately 39 ounces.
    • Push buttons adjust angle of paddle and shaft lengths.
    • Adaptive paddling, military/veterans, physical and recreational therapy, parks and recreation, rental and retail programs. 
    • See our Mounts page for installation specifications.