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Explore a larger range of kayak rigging options with the YakGear Aluminum Tri-Grip Rivet Kit. Lack of inside access can sometimes limit paddlers from rigging with conventional stainless steel screws and lock nuts. Aluminum Tri-grip Rivets are the strongest rivets for mounting on a kayak due to the back of the rivet flaring into legs as pressure is applied during the installation process. The YakGear Aluminum Tri-Grip Rivet comes with a rubber gasket to create a waterproof seal upon installation. A standard rivet tool is necessary for installation.  Waterproof silicone recommended, but not included.

  • Aluminum Tri-Grip Rivet Kit comes with 10 rivets
  • Rivets flare into three legs upon installation, making them ultra strong
  • Rivet tool required for installation
  • Installation instructions included

YakGear Tri-Grip Rivets



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