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Kayak Paddles, Paddle Holders, Outriggers & Other

Our Versa Paddle and Gamut Paddle Holder offer 
independence and adventure to people with limited strength or mobility due to injury, age or ability.



Both the Versa Paddle and the Gamut Paddle Holder come with one of several mounts that attach to your kayak to support the weight of the paddle, eliminating stress on your shoulders, back and joints. The patented systems feature a fulcrum around which the paddle can rotate in all directions. Using a gentle rotary movement of your forearms (much like pedaling a bicycle with your hands), you'll glide through the water with minimal effort. 

Versa and Gamut are best suited for recreational kayaking in lakes, streams and other, mostly flat-water environments.  You'll be amazed at the distances you can kayak without getting sore or fatigued, especially in windy conditions. 

The Versa Paddle opens kayaking to people with disabilities, poor coordination or balance, or use of only one limb, as well as novice paddlers. The secret comes from Versa’s ability to angle downward on both sides, which requires a smaller range of motion, enabling many people with extremely limited mobility or paralysis to paddle independently. It can even be used one-handed!

The Gamut Paddle Holder provides many of the same stress-reduction benefits as Versa, but you can use your own paddle! Experienced kayakers with rotator cuff injuries, joint pain or arthritis tend to use Gamut because it keeps them paddling longer than they otherwise could.