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New Products & Designs Arriving in July

Get a $25 Discount When You Pre-Order a New Versa or Gamut by June 30 or Be Notified When They Arrive!

Photo by Tom Reilly


Kayak Paddles, Paddle Holders & Adaptive Gear



Our Gamut Paddle Holder and Versa Paddle Systems come with one of several mounts that attach to your kayak to support the weight of the paddle, eliminating stress on your shoulders, back and joints. The patented designs feature a fulcrum around which the paddle can rotate in all directions. Using a gentle rotary movement of your forearms (much like pedaling a bicycle with your hands), you'll glide through the water with minimal effort. ​Versa and Gamut are best suited for recreational kayaking in lakes, streams and other, mostly flat-water environments.  You'll be amazed at the distances you can kayak without getting sore or fatigued, especially in windy conditions. 

Angle Oar is revolutionizing the way people with strength and mobility limitations experience the great outdoors. Our innovative paddling systems are designed with adjustable features that allow nearly anyone to kayak independently. They open a world of possibilities for aging kayakers, people with disabilities, physical therapists, kayak rentals, accessible parks and more!