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Tow, stow and go with our new C-Tug Heavy Duty Kayak & Canoe Carts by Railblaza. Made of UV-stabilized, non-corroding polymers with stainless steel-reinforced axles, these carts achieve the perfect trifecta: they’re heavy duty, versatile and affordable! Designed for all terrains, they transport all manner of watercraft and heavy loads with ease, allowing you to launch from boat ramps, shorelines, the beach and more!


First, let’s talk about what really sets these carts apart. It’s all about the weight they can handle. Unlike most aluminum alloy carts, the C-Tug can manage up to 300 pounds! That comes in handy when you’ve got a fully decked out angling kayak, a canoe with camping gear, or are transporting someone with a disability in a kayak into the water. At just 10 pounds, they pack a lot of punch and are built to last!

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The rugged C-Tug comes in three styles. The regular cart comes with high grip, rubber tread puncture-free wheels. If you’re in a sandy environment, you can upgrade to the C-Tug with SandTrakz wheels. On soft sand, the outer rim compresses when in use, creating a longer track length and reducing how hard you have to pull the cart by more than half! Finally, if you have an extraordinarily large payload (i.e., a small boat), you can purchase two carts and a double up bar to carry up to 350 pounds.

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If you’ve ever lugged a 50-pound kayak a hundred yards from your vehicle to the water by hand, then you know how much easier it is to strap your boat to a cart and pull it with you. What’s unique about the C-Tug is that is requires no tools for assembly and can be put together or taken apart in 20 seconds! In fact, you can store it in your day hatch or canoe, which means one less trip to the car. With an adjustable kickstand and moveable, rubberized pads, it conforms to most any hull shape.

High grip, rubber tread puncture-free tires
Adjustable, rubberized pads fit most hull shapes
Sandtrakz wheels reduce the force required to pull the cart
UV-stabilized; corrosion and rust resistant
Stainless steel-reinforced axles
5-year warranty



Chances are if you have a kayak or canoe, you probably have more than one type of vessel. Maybe it’s a SUP or an inflatable raft. Whatever watercraft you have, the reinforced composite material, thermo-bonded elastomeric pads, stainless steel-reinforced axles, and camlock buckle strap will keep it safe and secure during transport.



Given that it’s a perfect blend of being lightweight yet durable, you might expect the C-Tug to be priced like other expensive heavy duty carts on the market. But guess what? It’s not. Coming in at well under $200, it’s arguably the best value out there. There’s a reason it consistently gets strong reviews, and its price is one of them.


One of the challenges of adaptive paddling programs is helping people who may not have the use of their limbs in and out of the kayak and to and from the water. With the C-Tug, paddlers with quadriplegia or other physical disabilities can sit directly in the kayak and be transported on top of the one or two C-Tug carts into the water. Once the kayak is afloat, simply undo the straps and remove the wheels from beneath. Although one cart may suffice, we recommend using two, along with the Double Up bar, for maximum stability. See this video for an example.  The C-Tug is by far the most affordable heavy duty kayak cart available to programs.

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