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Packaging & Shipping

Trekking Hellas in Greece uses our outriggers and Versa Paddle. 
We do our very best to find the most cost-effective shipping options for our customers, both within the United States and around the world. We work with multiple carriers.

If you're located outside the US, use our
Contact Form to request a shipping estimate. We usually follow-up immediately, so check your spam filter if you haven't heard from us within a day.


As a manufacturer, a lot of packages and materials come through our doors in a given week (e.g., boxes, bubble wrap, plastic product bags). Rather than sending those items to a landfill, we often reuse them as packaging material for our online orders. So while your product will be shiny and new, your internal packaging (and sometimes external boxing) might be a combination of new and/or used materials. We think customers like you won't mind!  


We are happy to provide shipping estimates to countries outside the US. Simply fill out the form on our Contact page requesting an estimate. We always check with multiple shippers to find you the lowest possible rate. 

We have a dedicated shipping partner for our Canadian customers. You pay for everything up front (i.e., products, duties), and the shipment will be delivered to your door. 

Other international customers are responsible for any additional taxes, customs duties or brokerage fees that are incurred during shipment. Depending on the method of shipment, you may pay these fees at the point you receive your shipment. In other cases, we can bill you in advance and pay the fees up front. In either case, we will create an invoice for you that can be paid online through our website rather than through the traditional Shop page. 


Your order usually ships out within 24 hours of your order. For US customers, the average shipping time is 5 days +/- 2, depending on where you reside.

Shipments to customers outside of the US normally arrive within two weeks, generally sooner for Canada.   
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