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©Bezel Photography, Images by Drew Bressel 2019 


More and more adaptive kayaking programs, physical therapists and parks programs across the country are using our adaptive kayak equipment to increase people's independence and get them out on the water. This page highlights a number of those organizations and shows examples of their adapted kayak efforts.

This video features the Northeast Disabled Athletic Association's Adaptive Kayaking Program. Based in Vermont, the program is an excellent example of what's possible when paddlers, adaptive equipment, volunteers and skilled program staff come together. 


Can You Tell

Can You Tell

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The more relevant question is who can't kayak? One adaptive kayaking program manager told us she's never had to turn away a single person since she started using our Versa Paddle! Click on the adjacent links for examples of real people who use our products! Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to the Product Demos & Customer Videos Playlist to see more customer videos.