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Tim Breen

New York

Very pleased with my Versa paddle rig, thanks so much for getting me back on the water. Incredible piece of engineering for this one armed paddler.


Tracy J.


As far as the Angle Oar, I love it. I’m a disabled veteran and only have limited use of my right shoulder and arm. I never thought I’d be able to use a kayak. That thing has really made a difference. I love it, and I really appreciate that you guys created something so amazing!


David Valente

New Jersey

We purchased one for the sole purpose of providing our disabled 9-year-old son the opportunity to participate in what lake life has to offer. (The Versa Paddle) did exactly as advertised, and he is no longer when we go kayaking, but is now a participant. It makes all the difference.


Scott M.


Cockpit complete and ready for sea trial!


Penny Thomas


This paddle set up is perfect!!! I love it. (My first time out) I paddled for a good 30 minutes without shoulder pain. Thanks for your help.


Cynthia Breen


I am so impressed with the Gamut Paddle Holder. I have left side hemiplegia after surviving a brain bleed six years ago. I was so relieved that it worked as well as I had hoped. It is making getting out on the water fun again. Meg is wonderful with personal and prompt assistance. I recommend Angle Oar to anyone.


Mike Ellis


I'm glad I came across your website because I was researching for a while and found a few competitive products, but nothing looked nearly as comprehensive or compatible with many boats. Thanks for making products like this. I work at Shepherd Center which is a rehab center for spinal cord and brain injuries and stuff like this is just priceless for them.


Amy & Andy Wardyn

South Carolina

My wife and I have already been out on the water...and look forward to many, many more outings. She loves (Versa), and it was exactly what she needed. You guys are doing great things for adaptive paddling. It is an amazing design! We can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work!


Jamie Perron


I get to see things from a different perspective than I do on land in my wheelchair. I love how kayaking makes me feel grounded and calm, while feeling free and excited.


Rebecca Mavencamp


I want to thank you and this company for creating this product. I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and the last two years have been miserable with declining health. My hands and shoulders have been a big problem with dislocations and breaking bones lately. I thought I would have to give up kayaking


Leon D.


The Gamut works well for me. It's a more relaxing paddle experience, and I can paddle farther. I do not have to grip the handle much since it's "resting" on the device. When I'm done yakking, my shoulders do not feel as much pain as I used to.


John Stewart, 77


Because of torn tendons in my biceps, after a couple of minutes of paddling, my shoulder starts to kill me. Now I use Versa and Gamut to support the paddle so I can continue paddling and fishing with my wife.


Julie Stillman


It’s been great. Great. Great. That’s all I can say.


Ruth Morrow

New York

I was out for about an hour (my first time with Versa after major shoulder surgery). It was just perfect.I could still feel the tendon in my shoulder slowly move back and forth, but there was no pain. Normally, if I lift my shoulder, I’ll hearing popping and experience some pain, but there wasn’t any of that.


John Lee, Cal Poly


By the time we got back in, I still felt like I could paddle even longer, where as in the past I'd get back to shore and be pretty much spent.


Travis Oldhouser


Effortless. Natural. Absolutely awesome.

This is something (my spouse) and I can do together.


Cathy Webseter, Physical Therapist, NDAA


Excellent cesign and versatility. It provides freedom and independence to my clients. We wouldn't be able to have our adaptive paddling program without it.




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