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Styles to Fit a Variety of Kayaks & SUPs 

All of our mounts work with both the Versa Paddle and Gamut Paddle Holder. Each one is designed to fit a particular type of kayak, including sit-insides, sit-on-tops, SUPs, tandems and folding kayaks.  View our mount comparison chart,  demonstration videos or list of compatible kayaks to see which is best for your  kayak.

About Our Mounts

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All Mounts Fit Both the Versa & Gamut

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Use Hinged Mount for Sit-Ins Whenever Possible for Maximum Stability

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Mounts Fit Sit-on-Top, Sit-In, Angling & Foldable Kayaks, SUPs

Hinged Mount


Considered the "gold standard" of our mounts, the innovative Hinged Mount is unparalleled in both features and performance.  Designed for sit-inside kayaks, it attaches at three separate points around the cockpit coaming to provide maximum stability while paddling.


A small hinge plate fastens to the front edge of the coaming and two stabilizing brackets attach to the side coamings. The length of both the vertical bar and the horizontal bars can be adjusted to fit a range of kayaks. Once attached, the Hinged Mount lifts upward for ease of entrance and exit. The ball joints on the horizontal arms gently rest in the side brackets. To ensure a safe wet exit, the arms easily pop out of the side brackets allowing the hinge to effortlessly swing open.


A short vertical post and base slip into the universal track on top of the mount to support the Versa Paddle or Gamut Paddle Holder. The base can be moved forward or backward for ideal positioning. The track system also accommodates other, such as a mounted camera. The Hinged Mount can be easily removed with the pull of a pin and used on another kayak; only the small hinge plate and side stabilizing brackets remain on the kayak. 

Not Final Hinge Mount White.png

Prototype. Actual product will vary slightly.



  • ​5-star stability
  • Mount hinges up and out of the way during kayak entry and exit 
  • Plastic compression nuts are used to adjust the bars to varying cockpit lengths and widths
  • The track enables the support post to slide for ideal positioning  
  • Quick-release side brackets for safety
  • Pull pin to remove mount or move to another kayak
  • Includes optional gaskets for fitting hinge plate and side brackets


  • Works with sit-inside kayaks
  • Cockpit width between 18 – 26"
  • Cockpit length* between 36 - 48" (est) 
  • 1-2" mostly flat front coaming or deck
  • 1" mostly flat coaming on sides of cockpit
*An extension bar is available for longer cockpits


  • 6-8 small drill holes around coaming for installation
  • Mount is easily removeable; hinge plate and two side brackets remain
Apex Mount


The Swiss Army Knife of mounts, our versatile Apex Mount is the perfect option when other mounts don’t quite fit. It works with a wide range of kayaks, including sit-insides, sit-on-tops, stand up paddle boards (SUPs), foldable kayaks and even some inflatables!

Designed to function with a variety of attachment options, the Apex Mount features plus-shaped grooves and tightening knobs on each corner.  These grooves, along with a uniquely shaped underside, windows slots and molded edges, enable the Apex Mount to accommodate the variety of ridges, cupholders, hatches and other encumbrances found across the spectrum of kayak designs. 

The Apex Mount can be attached with a number of different methods, including our extremely high-grip, patented sticky cups, t-nuts and tracks, straps and other custom methods. See details below

Apex Mount B

Prototype. Actual product will vary slightly.



  • 3.5-star stability
  • Standard* bundle includes Apex Mount, choice of Suction Cups or Twin Track mounting accessories, and support post
  • Works with a variety of attachment methods
  • Ability to add a RAM Rod Flat Surface Base and Spline or related accessories
  • Easily moves from kayak to kayak
  • Most attachment methods do not require drilling



  • Ultra-high grip, proprietary suction cups for textured surfaces and attachment knobs (all styles)
  • Two parallel tracks with t-nuts and attachment knobs; requires drilling (best for sit-on-tops)
  • 1-inch tie down straps (best for SUPs)
  • D-ring patches and 1-inch tie down straps (best for inflatables)
  • Weighted DIY methods (e.g., tape, sandbag, legs) 
  • Works with sit-inside, sit-on-top, SUP, inflatable, fishing and foldable kayaks
  • Mostly flat* floor or deck area directly in front of the seat, measuring at least 8 x 12”
  • For sit-inside and foldable kayaks, a deck height of roughly 14-15” is ideal
  • For sit-on-tops, both molded, deck-level seats or fishing or other kayaks with raised seats of roughly 2 –6”   
  • A standard support post of 12" comes with the Apex Mount, however other lengths are available
*Additional options exist to accommodate many, but not all, surface configurations. Substitute parts available, including tracks, base styles and support post heights. Prices may vary.


Simplicity is the name of the game with our Twin Track Mount. Intended primarily for sit-on-top kayaks or SUPs, this mount comes in handy when space is limited. It comes with two aluminum RAM Mounts Tough-Tracks and a RAM Mounts Track Base for Spline Posts.

The mount is placed directly in front of the seat at approximately arms’ length from your body. To attach the two tracks in parallel to the top of your SOT deck, you can either use a blind installation method or secure them to a hatch cover.  The distance between tracks needs to matches the width of track base (generally 3.5"), which slides on using t-nuts and tightening knobs. Please measure carefully before ordering to ensure the tracks will fit your kayak.

A support post with a spline adapter slips into base to support the Versa Paddle or the Gamut Paddle Holder. The base can be moved forward or backward on the tracks for ideal positioning or removed entirely when not in use. The tracks also accommodate other accessories, such as rod holders or mounted cameras. 

Twin Track Mount with Post.jpg
Twin Track Mount



  • 4-star stability
  • Standard* bundle includes two 3” RAM Tough-Tracks (5” with end caps), a RAM Mounts Dual T-Bolt Track Base for Spline Posts, and a support post
  • Track base slides on tracks, enabling ideal positioning of the support post   
  • Easy to remove when not in use, all that remains are the two tracks
  • Ability to upgrade to a longer RAM Tough-Tracks
  • Ability to upgrade to a RAM Universal Adapt-a-Post Dual T-Bolt Track Base


  • Works with sit-on-top, SOT angling kayaks and SUPs
  • Mostly flat deck directly in front of seat to place two tracks of 3” or more in length exactly* 3.5” apart (or 3.75” apart if alternate RAM track base used)


  • Two sets of 3-4 drill holes for “blind” installations when there is no access to the inside of the kayak
  • Use your own rivets, self-tapping screws or well-nuts and screws to secure the tracks
  • When installed over a hatch cover, or when inside access is available, regular screws and nuts can be used
*Our standard base is 3.5" wide, but we also have a base available that's 3.75" wide. The distance between the tracks can be smaller if base is secured diagonally rather than at a 90 degree angle. 


Every kayak is unique. Some have cupholders or molded ridges. Some have a rounded coaming, while others are sharp. Some have angled keels, and some are flat. Because of the diversity of kayak models, it’s impossible to create a mount that fits them all (believe us, we’ve tried!). If you’ve reviewed our other mounts and none seem to be the right fit, there’s a good chance we can help you assemble a custom mount that will.

We partner with RAM Mounts, YakAttack and other paddle sports manufacturers to offer a range of base mounts, track lengths and support post heights. We’ve also documented the impressive array of custom mounts are customers have created. You can find most of them in this blog post.

If you’re unsure whether any of our standard mounts will work, or you’d like to brainstorm other options, please contact us or email We find it particularly helpful when people include one or two photos of the kayak cockpit area at different angles so that we can visualize possible solutions.  

Base & Spline.png
Custom Monts

 Mount Features & Stability Ratings

Still unclear on what's the best option for your kayak or SUP? Our Mount Comparison Chart should help.

Mount Comparison Chart.png
Mount Comparison Chart
Suction Cups with Knobs.jpg
Proprietary Suction Cups
(aka Sticky Cups)

These aren’t your ordinary suction cups! These patented beauties stick to just about any non-porous surface – including textured kayak surfaces – and stay in place!


Designed with specialized double-cup armature, interior micro-channels and a proprietary, pressure-sensitive polymer seal, our suction cups adhere to your kayak and don’t let go!  Place them on or around molded obstructions, slip them through the four corners of the Apex Mount, and use the knobs to tighten it down.  Remove them if needed, clean them, and use again. 

Our standard Apex Mount comes with four sticky cups, so there's no need to purchase them separately. Watch the demo.

RAM Tough Tracks.jpg

For a more secure installation method, affix two 9" RAM Tough-Tracks to the top of your SOT or SUP deck (sold separately.) Space them either  3.5" or 3.75" apart (depending on the orientation of the mount) to correspond to the four slots in the Apex Mount. Slide two t-nuts into each track and guide them up through the slots, then attach the knobs. Please measure carefully before ordering to ensure the tracks will fit your kayak.

Since most SOTs don’t give you access to the inside of the kayak, you’ll install the tracks using one of several “blind installation" methods, such as self-tapping screws or well-nuts and screws or rivets.  In other cases, you may install the tracks directly on a hatch cover with regular screws and nuts. This method still gives you access to the hatch well if you need it.

Tie Down Strap.jpg
Tie Down Straps

Designed with SUPs in mind, the Apex Mount has two windows on each side through which you can feed a tie down strap. Simply put the strap through the windows, tighten it as much as possible (leaving the ratchet on top of the SUP to minimize drag), and you’re ready to go!  The straps are sold separately.

Sticky Cups
Apex Attachment Options

Apex Mount Attachment Options

There are multiple ways to attach our Apex Mount to your kayak or SUP. Here are the most common ones. 
D-Ring Patches & Straps

For some inflatable kayaks, a combination of D-ring patches and tie down straps may do the trick! The D-ring patches are affixed low and on each inside edge just in front of the seating area, then the tie down straps are fed through both windows of the Apex Mount and tightened as much as possible. Note: D-ring patches (sold separately) should be made from material that is compatible with your kayak's fabrication to ensure maximum adhesion. 


DISCLAIMER: Please note that by their very nature, inflatable kayaks are very pliable and lack a rigid floor. They will also require a tall support post for proper paddle height. As a result, the overall stability of the Apex Mount will be considerably diminished with significant side-to-side swaying of the support post. This is not a recommended installation, but it is available for those who need it.

Black Tape.jpg
Do It Yourself (DIY) Methods

When other methods don’t work, you can use your own ingenuity to secure the Apex Mount. Possible options include using heavy-duty tape on the edges of the mount, placing weighted objects (such as small bags of sand) on the corners, or using your legs to keep it in place while paddling. 

Hardware Tools
Custom Methods

For paddlers with who are willing to engineer their own mounts to work with our products, the sky is the limit. One possible method, primarily for sit-ins or SUPS, is to secure  the Apex Mount to removable base, such as a rectangular piece of solid wood or heavy plastic. Using the right shape to conform  to your kayak floor, the base can then be moved in and out of the kayak as needed. See our blog for additional examples of other DIY mounts our customers have created.

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