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What Is an Outrigger?

Kayak and canoe outriggers are floating devices attached to the sides of a boat, parallel to the hull, that provide additional buoyancy to the vessel. They offer an added level of stability and security to paddlers, helping balance the kayak and lowering the likelihood of tipping over. Our kayak stabilizers, made by Wave Armor, work for both sit-inside kayaks and canoes; they can be adjusted up and down as well as in and out.


There are many reasons paddlers seek the added stability that outriggers provide. Sometimes it's due to a particularly tippy kayak or canoe. Other times they might have poor balance due to a neurological condition or age. Or, it might be they're new to kayaking or want more stability from their angling vessel.

Whatever the reason, the hydrodynamic design of our stabilizer floats means minimal drag through the water and excellent stability. In fact, we put them to the test, and you can see what it takes to flip over in the videos here and here.

Kayak Outriggers Sold by Angle Oar
Wave Armor Kayak Stablilizer Kit


These outriggers fit most sit inside kayaks and canoes! The center arm can be placed in the front or the rear of the kayak. For canoes, it is generally placed near the center and mounted on the gunwales. The arm is 40 inches wide and, with the floats attached, expands from 69 to 83 inches. When installed properly, the floats do not impede the paddler's stroke. All purchases come with installation hardware, including separate mounting brackets for both kayaks and canoes.  


When you're busy casting, changing lures or reeling in that whopper, you're not focused on balancing your kayak or canoe. That means an unexpected bump or a shift in position might send your gear flying off the side of the boat or, worse yet,  launch you into the water!


Anglers worldwide rely on outriggers to provide added steadiness, for instance when their standing kayak doesn't have the stability they expected. Others use them for offshore fishing or trolling with multiple lines.

Length of Our Rotationally Molded, Weather-Resistant Polyethylene Floats
Length of Center Receiving Bar
Expansion Range - Fits a Range of Watercraft


For many paddlers -- especially new ones -- stabilizing floats provide peace of mind. They help ease paddlers' fears and boost their confidence, which means they're more likely to want to go kayaking again in the future.

That's why outfitters and kayak rental companies usually have them on hand. They're a perfect addition for novice paddlers, children, older adults and paddlers with poor coordination or balance.


Chances are if you've been involved in an adaptive paddling program  through a community non-profit, a parks program or a veterans paddling group, you've seen at least one kayak equipped with outriggers. 

People with paralysis, spinal cord injuries or limited function may need the added stability outriggers bring. The further the floats extend on each side of the kayak, the more balance they provide, though it is important to understand that tipping is still possible. Kayak outriggers also make entering and exiting the kayak a steadier, more positive experience.

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