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Adapting a kayak and/or a paddle so someone can go kayaking for the first time ever -- or return after an absence -- can be nothing short of life-changing. It can also be expensive. 

Whether you're an individual paddler or part of an adapted kayaking program, this tool may help you plan for the items you'll need to get yourself or others safely on the water. We've listed the major items someone who requires a full range of adaptive equipment might need.  


You may need just one item on the list or several. If you don't need a particular item, keep the slider at $0. 

Some items are set to $0 by default. For others, we've set a typical default cost (i.e., what you might normally expect to pay for the item). You can change the estimated cost for any item by moving the slider.

​Pricing ranges for each item reflect the actual cost of products available in that area (with a few exceptions).

We've included an "other" category for related items. Some paddlers, for instance, may need assistance getting into and out of a kayak and require a personal lift; others may need safety items, such as a whistle or tow rope. 

We have not included program-related expenses such as liability insurance, training, staffing or transporation costs in the calculator. 
Do product research on items with which you're unfamiliar. Just because something is the most expensive doesn't mean it's the best. In fact, some of these adaptations can be accomplished with tape, foam padding, a few items from the hardware store and some ingenuity.

Hover over the light blue "info" icon in each category for tips. If Angle Oar offers a product in that category, it'll be noted in the icon.

To receive your own copy of the itemized estimate, enter your email address and one will be automatically emailed to you. Feel free to modify the estimates and re-submit them as often as you like. 

If you need any help finding or purchasing items on the list, please contact us. We're happy to help.  
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