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The lists below are regularly updated. Just because you don't see your brand or model does not necessarily mean Versa or Gamut are not compatible.  Note that there is considerable overlap between the categories of kayaks listed here (e.g., a sit-on-top might also be an angling kayak; a tandem could be either a sit-in or a sit-on-top), so you may want to review all categories to find your kayak model. 
An asterisk (*) next to the model name indicates our mounts are "mostly compatible" but you may need to make a few
adjustments such as adding an extra spacer or attaching the mount directly over a cup holder. No asterisk means the mount should work as is. We will do our best to help you make these adaptations. In some cases, our customers have created their own modifications.


Bonafide (EX123)
Current Designs (Solara, Kestrel)
Dagger (Axis, Katana Club, Zydeco)
Eddyline (Sandpiper)
Hurricane (Prima 125, Santee)
Jackson Kayaks (Tripper*, Tupelo 12.5)
Lifetime (Lancer, Emotion Tide, Guster, CruzePayette)
Liquidlogic (Saluda, Marvel)
Necky (Manitou Sport, Rip 10 and 12)
Old Town (Camden, Heron, Dirigo, Loon, Vapor)
Pelican (Argo, Bounty, Escape, Intrepid, Maxim, Sprint XR, Trailblazer, Vortex, Maverick)
Perception (Conduit, Joyride, Flash, Drift, Impulse, Manatee, Sound, Prodigy)
Riot Kayaks (Enduro, Bayside, Quest)
Wilderness Systems (Pungo, Aspire)
Venture Kayaks (Easky, Islay*)



Eddyline (Caribbean 10 & 12)
Emotion Kayaks (Temptation, Spitfire)

Future Beach - Eclipse
Hobie (Lanai*)
Hurricane (Osprey 120*)
Jackson Kayak (Bite Rec, Staxx, Riviera*)
Liquidlogic (Coupe XP)

Lifetime (Manta, Tamarack Pro*, Hydro 85, Triton*, Youth Wave)
Ocean Kayak (Banzai, Caper*, Tetra*, Venus)
Old Town (Sportsman 106, Topwater 120, Twister*)
Perception (Pescador, Tribe*, Access*, Rambler)
Pelican (Sentry, Stinger)
Wilderness Systems (Ride*, Tarpon*)
All sit-in kayaks use either our Hinged Mount or Apex Mount.

All sit-on-top kayaks use our Apex, Twin Track or Custom Mounts.
If you have the option, we recommend using sit-in kayaks with our Hinged Mount, for maximum stability. 

See our
mounts page or our installation videos for details.


Current Designs (Solara 145T)
Eddyline (Caribbean 12FS)
Emotion Kayaks (Temptation, Spitfire)
Future Beach - Eclipse
Hobie (Lanai*)
Hurriane (Santee 140)
Jackson Kayak (Take Two)
Liquidlogic (Stingray, Deuce Coupe)
Native Watercraft (Ultimate FX15)
Necky (Manitou II, Amaruk)
Ocean (Malibu Two, Zest)
Old Town (Twin Heron, Dirigo)
Perception (Cove, Pescador, Tribe*, Access*, Rambler)
Pelican (Sentry, Stinger)
Wilderness Systems (Pamlico, Ride*, Tarpon*)


Bonafide (SS107, SS127, RS117)
Cobra Kayaks
Diablo Paddlesports (Adios, Amigo, Chupacabra)
Field & Stream (Eaglerun Angler)
Heritage Kayaks (Angler 10, Redfish 12)
Hobie (Mirage Lynx, Outback)
Jackson Kayak (Bite Angler, YuPOK, Coosa X, Kilroy)
Lifetime (Yukon AnglerTriton AnglerPayette 116)
Native Watercraft (Falcon)
Ocean Kayaks (Kayak Angler, TridentUltra, Malibu Two XL)*
Old Town (Sportsman 120, Topwater 120)
Pelican (Intrepid)
Perception (Sound, Pescador*)
Riot Kayaks (Escape 12 Angler*)
Wilderness Systems (Pungo*, Tarpon, Thresher*)


Dagger (Alchemy, Stratos)

Necky (Manitou, Looksha, Eliza, Elias)
Perception (Carolina, Expression)
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