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  • Meg McCall

Get Ready to Paddle with Our New and Improved Kayaking Products for 2023!

Are you ready for the best paddling season ever? We at Angle Oar certainly are! We're excited to announce our new and improved line of products for this year's paddling season. We’ve listened to our customers and have created new designs and features to make your paddling experience even better. Our new products are estimated to arrive in September. You can submit your email here to be notified when the new inventory is in stock.

Angled Kayak Paddle

The Versa Paddle System

We’ve made several important changes to the Versa Paddle. Firstly, the shafts have been extended to provide increased contact with the water on wider kayaks. This ensures that the paddle is able to provide maximum efficiency and control while pulling through the water, regardless of the size of your kayak. The shaft will still have three adjustable lengths, for a total range of 220 to 255 cm. In addition, the shaft is now made of anodized aluminum, which makes it more durable and resistant to corrosion.

adjustable kayak paddle

Our new blades are made of a durable plastic that won't chip. Based on a poll of our customers and social media followers, we settled on two new blade colors for the Versa Paddle. The poll results showed that turquoise and chartreuse were the two clear winners. (For the color-name-challenged, turquoise is a greenish-blue similar to our current Caribbean Blue paddle, and chartreuse is lime greenish-yellow!)

We'll also be offering these same paddles as "traditional" kayak paddles, so programs can having matching paddles for their fleet or to use with the Gamut Paddle Holder. In addition to turquoise and chartreuse, we'll have a third color: black. These 240 cm regular kayak paddles will come in two pieces and feature right-hand indexing and offset right and left-hand blade adjustments.

Introducing Our New Kayak Mounts

All of our kayak mounts work with both the Versa Paddle and Gamut Paddle Holder. Collectively, they’re designed to fit a wide range of kayaks, including sit-insides, sit-on-tops, SUPs, tandems and folding kayaks. You can visit our Mounts page to learn more about each.

Hinged Mount - The Gold Standard

Hinged Mount Track and Post

Our Hinged Mount has been considered the "gold standard" of our mounts for years, and we have made it even better for the upcoming season. Designed for sit-inside kayaks, it attaches at three separate points around the cockpit coaming to provide maximum stability while paddling, but easily hinges open for a quick exit. We have strengthened the joints, reduced the number of moving parts, and streamlined the overall design to make it even more durable and user-friendly.

The small base that holds the support post now uses knobs instead of screws to move it on the track, and we've added a simple, rounded dome to the top of the post. We’ve also beefed up the clevis fork that holds either Versa or Gamut, and we've given customers the option of adding their own small d-ring and tether to keep it from getting lost.

Apex Mount - Swiss Army Knife of Mounts

Apex Mount for Kayaks

Our new Apex Mount is the Swiss Army Knife of mounts! It is the perfect option when other mounts don’t quite fit. The Apex Mount features plus-shaped grooves and tightening knobs on each corner, along with a uniquely shaped underside, window slots and molded edges, to accommodate the variety of ridges, cupholders, hatches and other encumbrances found across the spectrum of kayak designs. The Apex Mount can be attached with a number of different methods, including our new patented sticky cups, t-nuts and tracks, straps and other custom methods. It can easily be moved from kayak to kayak (e.g., for use in rental programs) and does not require drilling for installation. This mount can be used with many (but not all) sit-on-tops, sit-insides, foldable kayaks and possibly inflatables. It can also be paired with Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) and works with angling kayaks with raised seats. The Apex Mount comes with a standard support post height, but other lengths are available.

Twin Track Mount - Simplicity is Key

Twin Track Mount

Our new Twin Track Mount is all about simplicity. Intended primarily for sit-on-top kayaks or SUPs, this mount comes in handy when space is limited. It comes with two aluminum RAM Mounts Tough-Tracks and a RAM Mounts Track Base for Spline Posts. The mount is placed directly in front of the seat at approximately arms’ length from your body, and the tracks can be attached in parallel to the top of your SOT deck using a blind installation method or by securing them to a hatch cover. A support post with a spline adapter slips into the base to support the Versa Paddle or the Gamut Paddle Holder. The standard Twin Track kit comes with a standard length post, tracks and base, but other sizes of each are available. The base can be moved forward or backward on the tracks for ideal positioning.

Custom Mounts

We understand that every kayak is unique and that our mounts won’t fit all kayaks. That's why we’ll now be offering a few custom mount solutions in partnership with top paddle sports manufacturers like RAM Mounts and YakAttack. From cupholder cutouts to angled keels, we've seen it all and may be able to help you find the right solution for your kayak. If you're unsure which mount is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us or email We love working with customers to find the perfect solution, and we find it particularly helpful when people include photos of their kayak cockpit from different angles.

Mount Comparison Chart

We’ve just laid out a lot of information. To help make sense of it all, we’ve created a mount comparison chart, demonstration videos, and a list of compatible kayaks to help you find the perfect mount for your kayak. You can find some of the demo videos on our website, but many more on our YouTube channel.

Kayak Mount Comparison Chart

Place an Order

We are committed to continuously improving our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We would have liked to have all our new products available for the start of the North American paddling season, but as it stands, we expect to have most items in September. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our website frequently as we will be regularly updating it with photos and information about our new and improved products.


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