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  • Meg McCall

Outriggers: 5 Reasons to Consider Using Canoe & Kayak Stabilizing Floats

With the recent addition of outriggers to our product offerings, we have been giving more thought to the value stabilizing floats bring to individual canoe and kayak paddlers, anglers and adaptive kayaking programs.

While they don’t exactly contribute to a sleek aesthetic, we don’t care much about what others think when it comes to what a kayak looks like or how it's outfitted. If it gets people out paddling independently and it’s safe, we’re all for it! Heck, if you want to add an umbrella, strands of neon lights, and 15 different rod holders, more power to you!

So are they right for you and what are the best kayak outriggers? Read on to find out!

Five Advantages of Using Stabilizing Floats

1. Outriggers Add Stability