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New Mounts Coming This Spring

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Whenever possible, we recommend using our Hinged Mount with a sit-inside kayak as it provides the maximum stability and support for the Versa Paddle and Gamut Paddle Holder. 


All mounts work with both the Versa Paddle and Gamut Paddle Holder, though we recommend using the Hinged Mount for sit-inside kayaks whenever possible. 
The mount is included in the price of your Versa or Gamut paddling system.

Our Hinged Mount works with most, but not all, sit-in kayaks. Watch this short video to see if the Hinged Mount will be a good fit for your kayak.

Our Plunger Base and Plate Mount work with some, but not all, sit-on-top (SOT) kayaks.

Our mounts can be used with most solo and tandem kayaks. You can see a growing list of compatible kayaks here.

If you're unsure whether our mounts will fit your kayak, please contact us. We're happy to help you figure it out and will even brainstorm unique solutions with you, like those our other customers have developed. 
Penny Thomas June 2020 .jpg
Hinged mount to hold kayak oars



This innovative kayak paddle mount is best suited for sit-in kayaks with a defined one- to two-inch wide coaming around the cockpit or a mostly flat deck area. A small hinge plate attaches to the front edge of the coaming with two small bolts, and two side arm stabilizing sockets are attached to each side of the coaming. Flexible gaskets are included for both the hinge plate and the side sockets to achieve an ideal fit.  Both the vertical bar (12" - 18")  and the horizontal bars (20" - 29.5") can be length-adjusted by loosening the plastic compression nuts to fit a range of kayaks.

Once attached, the Hinged Mount lifts upward for ease of entrance and exit. The RAM Mounts ball joints used on each side arm pop into the side socket mounts for additional stability. In the event of a capsize, the horizontal arms easily pop out of the sockets. Should the side mounts not fit on your coaming, you can simply rest the side arms on top of the coaming, though you will lose a small degree of stability. 

A short vertical post slips into the universal track on top of the mount. The post supports the Versa system and can be moved forward or backward for ideal body positioning. The track system also accommodates RAM MountsYakAttack and Scotty mounting accessories, including rod holders and cameras. You can view our installation demo video here.

The Hinged Mount can be easily removed with the pull of a pin; only the small hinge plate remains on the front coaming. Extra hinges and side arm stabilizing brackets are available for purchase so that the Versa and Gamut can be used on more than one kayak. This short video gives you a sense of what "fit" to look for on your kayak when you use the Hinged Mount.  

Recommended Kayak Specs:

  • Cockpit width between 20 - 29.5"

  • Cockpit length* between 36 - 45" (est) 

  • 1-2" front coaming with mostly flat deck

  • 1" coaming on sides of cockpit (optional)

*We have an extension bar available for longer cockpits

Hinged Mount


Simplicity is the name of the game with our Twin Track Mount. Intended primarily for sit-on-top kayaks, this mount comes in handy when space is limited. It comes with two aluminum RAM Mounts Tough-Tracks and a RAM Mounts Track Base for Spline Posts.

The mount is placed directly in front of the seat at approximately arms’ length from your body. To attach the two tracks in parallel to the top of your SOT deck, you can either use a blind installation method or secure them to a hatch cover.  The distance between tracks matches the width of track base, which slides on using t-nuts and tightening knobs. Please measure carefully before ordering to ensure the tracks will fit your kayak.

A support post with a spline adapter slips into base to support the Versa Paddle or the Gamut Paddle Holder. The base can be moved forward or backward on the tracks for ideal positioning or removed entirely when not in use. The tracks also accommodate other accessories, such as rod holders or mounted cameras. 


  • 4-star stability

  • Standard* bundle includes two 3” RAM Tough-Tracks (5” with end caps), a RAM Mounts Dual T-Bolt Track Base for Spline Posts, and an 8” support post

  • Track base slides on tracks, enabling ideal positioning of the support post   

  • Easy to remove when not in use, all that remains are the two tracks

  • Ability to upgrade to a longer RAM Tough-Tracks

  • Ability to upgrade to a RAM Universal Adapt-a-Post Dual T-Bolt Track Base

  • Use rivets, self-threading screws or well nuts to secure. Hardware not included

Recommended Kayak Specs:

  • Works with sit-on-top, SOT angling kayaks and SUPs

  • Mostly flat deck directly in front of seat to place two tracks of 3” or more in length exactly 3.5” apart (or 3.75” apart if alternate RAM track base used)

  • The mounting area should be approximately arm's length from the torso, though track can be adjusted to accommodate the distance


*Substitute parts also available, including different track lengths, track base styles, and support post heights. Prices may vary.

Track Mount Reg Base B_edited.jpg
Twin Track Mount
oar holder for SOT kayak

New Style of Mount Coming This Spring



To use Versa or Gamut on your sit-on-top kayak with the RAM Mounts plunger base and spline, the kayak must have a sufficiently-sized flat area between the paddler's legs, roughly 2 inches wide by 4 inches long, so that the mount can be secured. If there is a cup holder or hatch cover in the way, you may or may not be able to attach the mount directly over them. The flat attachment area must also be approximately an arm’s length from your body as you will not be able to adjust this mount forward or backward (unlike the Plate Mount which you can adjust).


The plunger mount is secured to the deck of the kayak with well nuts, and the spline and short vertical post slip into it. When not in use, the post can be removed and all that remains is the small RAM base mount which can be used with other RAM Mounts accessories such as cameras or rod holders. 

Recommended Kayak Specs: 

  • A flat area between paddler's legs, roughly 2 x 4 inches long, to attach mount

  • The mounting area should be approximately arm's length from the torso


Because the plunger mount does not have the benefit of side stability arms like the Hinged Mount, many of our customers have found ways to modify our sit-on-top mounts to achieve stronger stability. See this blog for examples.

Plunge Mount
Plate Mount




Our Plate Mount has been discontinued! Look for new mounts this Spring. 

Group of Adapted Kayaks.jpg


Check out our three installation videos to understand how our mounts will work with your kayak. ​Click on the icon to view each.

                 Adjusting the "Fit" of the Hinged Mount 
                 Hinged Mount Installation for Sit-in Kayaks
                 Mount Installation for Sit-on-Top Kayaks            
Installation Videos
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