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  • Meg McCall

The 5 Best Kayak Tracking Apps According to Avid Paddlers

We’ve seen a lot of questions posted on kayaking forums lately asking what’s the “best” kayaking app for tracking paddling routes and fitness stats (e.g., heart rate, average pace, speed, calories, distance). Curious ourselves, we did a little digging, pouring through comments on Church of the Double Bladed Paddle, Yakkers Galore, Everything Kayaking and other social media groups to find out which apps experienced paddlers were using and what they liked about them.

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What follows is a high-level overview of the most oft-cited paddling fitness- and mapping-oriented tracking apps. Angle Oar has no allegiance to any of these apps, and this article doesn’t seek to review them per se.

Rather, we’ve ranked these kayak trackers based roughly on the frequency with which they were mentioned and then did a deeper dive into the five most popular ones. We’ve also included some of the verbatim comments that accompanied discussion around these kayaking apps.

Kayaking Apps & Devices We Didn’t Include

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