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Schedule time to talk with a certified adaptive paddling instructor, some of whom have primary training in physical therapy or recreational therapy.  During this phone- (and potentially video-) based consultation, the adaptive consultant will ask questions about your physical abilities (e.g., range of motion, strength, etc.), any specific disabilities you may have (e.g., quadriplegia, cerebral palsy), and what your kayaking objectives might be. He or she will discuss the range of adaptive products currently available -- some of which you may have lying around your own home -- and recommend which ones may be best suited for you.


This consultation should not be construed as medical, kayaking or safety advice. Rather, it provides a foundation of information as you consider whether adaptive paddling is right for you. You are under no obligation to follow through on any of the information you receive from this consultation.  


The consultation will take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half in total, which includes any back-and-forth or necessary follow-up. In addition, Angle Oar and/or the adaptive consultant, are happy to assist with basic information for any grant applications you might be submitting as a result of your adaptive consultation. 

Adaptive Consultation

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    Pricing Note:  Our checkout system automatically adds a "shipping" charge of $4.95, regardless of which option you choose.  Therefore, the true contribution options are $5, $25, $50 and $75. The total amount will appear in your cart before checkout. 


    Your contribution is used exclusively to reimburse the consultant for his or her time. Please pay what you are able. We do not want payment to be a barrier. 


    Should you decide to purchase a Versa Paddle, Gamut Paddle Holder or Kayak Outriggers directly from Angle Oar after your consultation, we will discount your purchase by the amount you contributed for the consultation, up to $50. 



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