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the adjustable versa paddle includes one of three support mounts that attach to most sit-in and some sit-on-top kayaks
the magic lies in the rotating head of the mount, which holds the weight of the paddle and enables it to pivot in every direction
as a result, the versa requires a smaller range of motion to propel the kayak than with a tradition paddle stroke, reducing stress on shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso and back 

use it angled or


Depending on paddling conditions and the preferences of the paddler, you can use Versa in the mount, either straight or angled downward. 


With a gentle tug, the paddle can be popped out of the mount and used like a traditional paddle. In fact, we've found it useful to use Versa in "straight mode" when launching and exiting the kayak, and in "angled mode" in the mount on open water.  


The only slight difference between the Versa in "straight mode" and a regular paddle is that there is a 2" steel pin that holds the two shafts of Versa together. That pin protrudes slightly on either side when not resting in the vertical post.

adaptive paddling


We work with dozens of adaptive paddling and sports equipment programs, veterans and military organizations, physical therapists and community parks and recreation programs. Their paddlers include people who've had strokes, paralysis, PTSD, one limb, Spina Bifida and other cognitive and physical disabilities.

versa works best when used with our hinged mount which fits on most sit-in kayaks; if you have the option, we recommend using a sit-in kayak with our products
we also offer the plunger base mount & spline or plate mount for use with some sit-on-top kayaks, however you do lose a degree of stability with these methods due to the absence of side stability arms
see our mounts page for details

all ages & abilities

Versa gets people out on the water who might not normally be able to paddle. It's great for people with disabilities, older adults with limited strength, or experienced kayakers with shoulder injuries or tendonitis. Our customers include paddlers with one arm, children with autism, amputees, and people with paralysis, quadriplegia and cerebral palsy.

with the simple push of a button, you can change the paddle from angled to straight, and back again

hands-free fishing

Keeping track of your paddle when you're fishing is a hassle. It's either a balancing act or you're constantly adjusting your paddle leash or paddle to move your kayak even a little bit. With Versa, all you do is "let go" of the paddle -- its stays put and you don't have to worry about it falling in the water. Versa can be operated with one hand, which means you can cast with one hand, paddle with the other. Paddle backwards just as easily. No more pedals or paddle leashes.  

great for rental groups & families

Whether you're part of an extended family, an outfitter or rent kayaks to groups, Versa can be adjusted to fit nearly anyone. Helps kids build their endurance and skills.

adjustable & ergonomic

Sure you can use it angled or straight, in or out of the mount, but there's so much more versatility to Versa! Both shafts are adjustable, allowing it to range from roughly 205 - 240 cm. On windy days, either shaft can be shortened or lengthened to compensate for the wind using  one of three push pins. And of course, the shafts can be angled down to roughly 25 degrees or kept straight at 180 degrees.

Versa can be also moved forward or backward on the mounts, helping you achieve the ideal distance between your torso and the paddle.

When not in use, the mounts can be removed -- all that remains is a small hinged plate (on sit-ins) and the flat base plate (on sit-on-tops). The blade shafts are also removable for easy storage. 

the versa support mounts are easy to install

all you need is a drill, wrench, pencil and about 15 minutes

instructions, installation demo videos

tips and resources can be found here

a push button on each shaft lets you adjust the length to three different settings so you can achieve the best fit for your kayak

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