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By supporting the weight of your paddle, the Gamut Paddle Holder reduces stress on your shoulders, back and joints. The rotating head delivers a fluid, energy-efficient motion that requires a smaller range of motionThis makes Gamut well-suited for paddlers with rotator cuff injuries, hand, wrist or elbow stiffness, or other limitations such as arthritis.

Gamut comes with one of three support mounts that attach to most sit-in and some sit-on-top kayaks and can be easily removed when not in use.

use your

 favorite paddle

If you're a long-time paddler, chances are you've shelled out a pretty penny for your paddle. Now you can still reduce stress on your shoulders, back, torso and joints but not have to give up your baby!  Gamut accepts both round and oval shafts. Use it on windy days or when you need to give your upper extremities a rest, or take it out of the mount and paddle regularly when you want! Paddles of 220 cm or more in length are generally recommended.


Sit on top kayak paddle holder

how it works

The Gamut mounted paddle holder works with the same patented mounts we use with our angled Versa paddle, but we've designed a new component we fondly refer to as the "spaceship" that lets you use the mount system with any paddle.  The Gamut incorporates YakAttack's innovative RotoGrips to hold your paddle in place between two soft rollers. We include two velco straps for even more paddle security. The system is perfect for paddlers who want to enjoy the fluid, energy-efficient benefits of a supported paddle but want to keep using their own favorite paddle or for kayak anglers who want to simply "let go" as they reel in that big catch!  


shoulder ROM

For paddlers who've had shoulder surgery and rotator cuff problems, or who have paralysis or a missing limb, preserving any remaining shoulder function and range of motion (ROM) is imperative. You don't want to do any repetitive movement that compromises that function, such as raising your arm too high. 

For this reason, the Gamut Paddle Holder is a terrific transitional solution. You're not bearing the weight of the paddle, and it requires a much smaller range of motion. Many of our customers are post-surgical paddlers and or people who are experiencing shoulder problems and thought they had to give up kayaking. 

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 gamut works best when used with our hinged mount which fits on most sit-in kayaks; if you have the option, we recommend using a sit-in kayak with our products
we also offer a plate mount or a RAM Mounts plunger base mount & spline  for use with some sit-on-top kayaks, however you do lose a degree of stability with these methods due to the absence of side stability arms
see our mounts page for details



The Gamut kayak paddle holder does something no other kayak oar holder can – keeps your paddle securely and conveniently in place as you bait, cast or reel in a fish.  Simply “let go” and your paddle stays put -- you don't have to worry about it falling in the water. Paddle backwards just as easily. No more paddle leashes, wet laps, expensive pedal kayaks or balancing acts, and you can use your favorite angling paddle. The hinged mount track can also double as a camera or rod holder.

kayak paddle holder for fishermen

give your upper     

     body a break

Like Versa, Gamut gets people out on the water who might not normally be able to paddle. It's great for people with disabilities, older adults with limited strength, or experienced kayakers with shoulder injuries. The main difference between Versa and Gamut? The Versa paddle provides another level of stress reduction due to its ability to be used in a downward angled position, whereas with Gamut, your paddle will always be in "straight" mode. Versa is also more suited to one-handed paddling than Gamut.

adapted kayak paddle for sit on top kayak
best kayak paddle holder

power & control

Paddlers who use the Gamut often times have enough strength to stroke through the water, but they find that having a mount to support the weight of the paddle makes all the difference. They also like the control that comes with using Gamut along with their own paddle. You can see how easily it sets up here.

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