If you already own a Versa Paddle or Gamut Paddle Holder for sit-in kayaks and want an additional mount for a second kayak, you can order an extra Hinged Mount.


This innovative mount is secured with small bolts on the front edge and sides of the cockpit coaming. Once attached, the Hinged Mount lifts upward for ease of entrance and exit. The RAM Mounts ball joints used on each side arm pop into the side socket mounts for additional stability. In the event of a capsize, the horizontal arms automatically release out of the sockets.


Flexible gaskets are included for both the hinge plate and the side mounts to achieve an ideal fit.  Both the vertical bar (12" - 18")  and the horizontal bars (20" - 29.5") can be length-adjusted by loosening the plastic compression nuts to fit a range of kayaks. Should the side mounts not fit on your the width of your cockpit, you can simply rest the side arms on top of the coaming, though you will lose a small degree of stability. 


The entire unit can be easily removed with only the small hinge plate remaining on the coaming. 

Extra Hinged Mount

  • Getting the Right Fit

    To see how to "fit" the mount to your sit-in kayak, watch this short video